Costume Contest Winners

First: Mechanical Dragon / Wings

dragon bike costume

Second: Pac-Man (Trio)

Third: Seaworthy Ship (Tandem / Trailer, 3-4 kids on board), we’re calling it “the pirates of Rio Grande”

Special Mention: Woody & Jessie (Buttercup Horse) & (6) Riders on Wild West Horses & costume emeritus our annual 4 headed dragon.

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Hill Climb Results

Top Three in the Men's Category

Scott Steffen, 21:02.05

Blue Sorros, 21:02.32

Jonathan Rath, 23:56.49

Top Three in the Women's Category

Diane Datz, 27:28.50

Maria Dickinson, 34:02.24

Liz Zeiler, 34:31.16