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100 Mile route (actual 100.0)

60 Mile Route

47 Mile route (actual 47.1)
Prevender Financial Services 47 Mile Challenge

25 Mile route (actual 24.6)
25 Mile El Pinto Red Hot Chile Ride

7 Mile route


Day of the Tread routes leave the Sawmill District – Old Town, entering the historical neighborhoods and the Museum District.

The course then traverses along the flat terrain of the heavily wooded Bosque Trail Park and Rio Grande River for 7 miles, where fall colors can be viewed. Riders then approach the 'must stop at' legendary Recharge Zone at El Pinto Restaurant (turnaround for the 25 milers), where live music compliments the taste of sapodillas and honey.

The riders quickly leave their urban surroundings and enter high desert landscape. As they approach the foothills of the Sandia Mountains the challenge of climbing Tramway begins. At mile 14.1 the climb begins (the entrance to Sandia Resort & Casino) and continues until the riders hear the distant sounds of the bagpipers pulling riders up the final ascent (total climb >831', 4.4 miles, average grade = 3.4%, maximum grade = 6.0%).

Views abound as the route heads south on Tramway Blvd. traversing New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains. Eventually riders return downhill from the community of High Desert (23.5 miles, turn for the 100 & 50) and enjoy a brisk 5 mile downhill ride through the foothills of Sandia Pueblo.

The route then heads north passing open fields of native grasses and eventually enters the town of Bernalillo, and the quaint Santa Fe style town of Placitas, at the foot of the Sandia Mountains. The route quickly begins its 2nd hill accent at 42.4 miles. Riders meander through piñon and pine forests, until the climb is completed at the perfectly timed Recharge Celebration Zone (50.7 miles, turnaround for the century).

Riders are greeted with pickle juice and refreshing fruits (total climb > 1103', 8.3 miles, average grade = 2.7%, maximum grade = 5.7%, highest point = 6336').

Riders find significant motivation when the wheels point downhill, returning to Placitas. Quickly the route turns north onto flat rollers (at 60.4 miles) with traditional New Mexico vistas and Native American lands.

Riders next enter the historical village of Algodones where spirited music and motivated volunteers greet riders at the Recharge/Celebration Zone.

Now homeward bound on flat rural roads, the route turns south to Bernalillo and Albuquerque. The Bosque Trail greets riders with the afternoon warmth of the autumn sun, as the golden leaves of the giant Cottonwood trees fill the sky.

The skyline of Downtown Albuquerque can be seen on the distant horizon. Riders then leave the trail system, and ride the final mile to the finish line on 20th St. NW, Sawmill District – Old Town. Here the celebration begins as the accomplishment of riding in the Day of the Tread sets in.

Enjoy the festive live music. Have a cold beverage at the Beer Festival with friends. Search for the perfect recovery food. Have your picture taken against the sugar skull logo or tell stories of the hill climb and the winds that found your back.

The Day of the Tread will make lasting memories...join us in 2020. Experience the TREADHEAD Revolution!

DAY OF THE TREAD courses close at 5:30 pm! All course support, including traffic control and Recharge Stations, will be discontinued at 5:30 pm.

Be prepared at all times to stop for motor traffic along the route!!! Traffic control officials move cyclists through intersections without stopping most of the time. However, you may be stopped to relieve traffic congestion. Please be patient with the police if you are stopped. They do a great service for Day of the Tread cyclists; give them a friendly wave as you pass by….



There are aid stations staffed by volunteers offering bananas, oranges, pretzels, water and Gatorade. Each will have port-o-johns. Some stations will serve breakfast bars. The Recharge Station volunteers may provide other food items (El Pinto, 13 mile mark will be serving Sopapillas and Honey > A tradition!!). Please be courteous to them – they are there to help you.

Recharge stations along the route close according to a schedule that will allow cyclists to finish by 5:30 pm. If you are riding a pace that will NOT allow you to finish by 5:30 pm the recharge stations may close before you get there. Please be prepared.

If you have special dietary restrictions or need more nutrition please bring your own or plan to stop at a store along the way.

Water and Gatorade are the only beverages served to cyclists. Remember to drink BEFORE you are thirsty. Bring ELECTROLYTE REPLACEMENTS with you to help reduce cramps and muscle spasms. Please test electrolytes on a training ride before the event. For safety reasons, cyclists stopping at aid stations MUST move OFF THE ROAD to avoid oncoming riders and vehicles.


Approximately 20 trained Bike Patrol cyclists will be on the route in bright green OLEV RAPIDO Jerseys and with Ride Marshall Designation. They help with mechanical problems, minor medical needs and encouragement. If you experience a problem on route just flag down an OLEV RAPIDO member. To help Bike Patrol bring these items: 1-2 spare tubes, tire levers, tire patch kit and other basic bicycle gear; 1-2 water bottles and a cell phone. Wear a CPSC-approved bicycle helmet (required).

Bike Patrol (OLEV RAPIDO) cyclists are event officials; they are out there to help you. However, if necessary, they are also course marshals and will report rules of the road violations to DOTT Officials... Remember cyclists violating Rules of the Road may be disqualified and pulled from the ride. Safety is our first concern.


Along the route there are sharp turns and bridges, and though we try to sweep areas prior to the ride, there is always debris on the road. Take nothing for granted, stay alert.

The event utilizes open public roads, which may or may not be maintained by local municipalities, cities, counties, and/or the State. The event is not responsible for the condition and maintenance of the roads. Road hazards are always possible and in entering this event, you must be alert to all road hazards, including but not limited to: pot holes, uneven pavement, road cracks, road debris, unfinished construction, and motor vehicle traffic.

The Day of the Tread is an event for cyclists of all ages, abilities and experience. Many have limited experience riding in packs. Be cautious as you approach other cyclists and make them aware of your presence by calling out “passing.” Touching wheels is the most common reason for crashes.

If you have any questions please seek out a volunteer at the EXPO or on Ride Day at our information booth located at the Start / Finish area on the Plaza.