COVID Policy

We are continuing to monitor the COVID–19, State of New Mexico and CDC recommendations. With an abundance of caution, we have set up Packet Pickup and Event Day safe practices.


As an outdoor event with riders spread out over the open road and air, cycling is an excellent option for recreation and exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when riders are off their bikes there is a greater risk of being in close proximity to others and an increased risk of transmission. Given the recent surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant, the Day of the Tread Committee deems it necessary to take reasonable steps to mitigate COVID-19 transmission at our event and to protect the health and safety of riders, volunteers, staff, and the community. As such, Day of the Tread has made the following changes to our event.


Masks are required anytime riders are off their bikes. We ask that everyone practice common sense and wear a mask when in close proximity to others, and in particular when interacting with our volunteers. Please extend the courtesy to others around you.

  • Wear a mask at Packet Pickup and at any of our venues in the Sawmill District/Old Town including the post event celebration (TREADFEST at the Sawmill Market). For indoor venues, New Mexico mask mandate unless consuming Food or Beverage is still in effect.
  • Wear a mask at our Recharge Zones along all Courses and the Recovery Zone at the Start/Finish on 20th St NW (i.e. while filling bottles, grabbing food, at mechanic stands or waiting in line for a wash station or porta potty, etc.)  In most cases our volunteers will be handing pre-packaged food items to the riders.
  • Wear a mask while riding in a SAG vehicle.


An abundance of caution will be followed to ensure the safety of our guests and volunteers.

  • Hand Sanitizer will be at all Recharge Zones, Start / Finish and at all the venues in the Sawmill District. In some high-volume locations (El Pinto & the Recovery Zone 4 station) upright sanitizer stands will be available.
  • Hand washing stations will be provided at El Pinto and Start / Finish.
  • At the Start/Finish, restrooms will be available at Hotel Albuquerque (early) and at the Sawmill Market (open at 8am).
  • Additionally, water will be dispensed at some locations (El Pinto & Recovery Zone) with a WATER MONSTER SYSTEM/multiple spouts. Individual bottled water will also be available at the Recovery Zone.

The following practices will reduce congestion at high volume areas.

  • Riders are asked to please not linger at rest stops near the water coolers or food areas and practice social distancing for the safety of other riders and our volunteers.
  • Please do not ask a volunteer to hold your bike or fill your bottle while recharging.  Although it is our volunteers desire to provide exceptional servicing, COVID-19 has eliminated our special touch points.
  • Recharge Zones will be stocked with pre-packaged foods, full bananas, and apples and at Recharge Zones servicing the longer distances pre-cut/pre-packaged oranges. Riders are asked not to reach into serving pans.  Our gloved volunteers will assist you with your preference.

Stay SAFE and SMART by following these common-sense requirements.  When you do, you are showing RESPECT for fellow riders and our amazing volunteers.

Enjoy the 15th annual Day of the Tread, serving NM Children and Family charities.

Welcome to New Mexico and the Land of Enchantment