Register Early!  Minimize your Cost!

The REGISTRATION FEE increases over time so the sooner you register, the lower the Registration Fee.  For the best value, register prior to July 15, 2018 (Early Bird Registration). Late Registration is from October 15, 2018 – October 27, 2018. You can also register in-person on October 27 at the Day of the Tread EXPO from 9 am – 3 pm at the Albuquerque Convention Center.  Registration is available on the morning of the event beginning at 6:30 a.m., however, it’s highly recommended that you register early to take advantage of discounts and avoid day of event lines.   

Route2/25 - 7/147/15 - 9/3010/1 - 10/1410/15 - 10/2710/28
100 Mile $55 $60 $65 $70 $90
100 mile Tandem $70 $75 $80 $85 $100
64 Mile Metric Century $55 $60 $65 $70 $90
64 Mile Metric Century Tandem $70 $75 $80 $85 $100
54 Mile $55 $60 $65 $70 $90
54 Mile Tandem $70 $75 $80 $85 $100
26 Mile $40 $45 $50 $55 $65
26 Mile Tandem $50 $55 $60 $65 $75
12 Mile RailRunner $35 $40 $45 $50 NA
9 Mile $25 $30 $35 $40 $50
KIDSK $15 $15 $15 $15 $15

Register online here.

Special Events for Families and Kids

Railrunner Family Ride:

The Railrunner Family Ride is a 12 mile flat ride along the Bosque Trail from Civic Plaza to the Rail Runner Station at Los Ranchos / Journal Center where they will load onto the New Mexico Rail Runner (Train leaves at 11:41). Riders will then be transported on the RailRunner to the Downtown Albuquerque Station where they will be escorted to Civic Plaza by bike concierges. They will then finish on Civic Plaza with other riders and begin the celebration of their accomplishment. The Railrunner Family Ride is limited to the first 120 riders who register.

Kids K Fun Ride:

Join us for the KIDS K! Striders, tricycles and bikes leave the 3rd Street start line and circle the Albuquerque Civic Plaza twice with family and friends. Mascots lead the way and kids enjoy the same finishing location / spirit as the big riders.

The Day of the Tread Expo and Packet Pick-up

Packets may be picked up at the Expo on Saturday, October 27th or in the foyer of the Civic Center on October 28th. Each rider will receive a number corresponding to the distance being ridden. For the sake of safety and for consideration in the costume contest, numbers should be worn on the backs of jerseys. Individuals picking up numbers, packets and t-shirts on the 27th should plan on spending about an hour to complete the process and visit the Expo vendors. Representatives from various bike shops in will be available to those riders whose bikes may be in need of last minute minor repairs.

Albuquerque Convention Center (ACC): [map]

Directions to the Albuquerque Convention Center:

For those traveling east or west on I-40, exit onto South I-25. Follow I-25 to the Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. West exit. Travel west on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. to the entrance of the Albuquerque Convention Center Parking Garage. Enter from the left lane. Number, packet, t-shirt pick-up and Expo are located in the Southwest Exhibit Hall in the West Complex. Signs will provide guidance from the garage to the Exhibit Hall. Complimentary parking will be available at the south side of the Wells Fargo Banking complex. Additional parking will be available at various parking garages and on-street as available. Be aware that some streets close to the Civic Plaza will be barricaded in preparation of the ride.

Changing your Ride Distance

Change your mind about your ride distance?  No problem.  Remember this is a ride, not a race.  You simply arrive at Civic Plaza and join the start for your respective distance.  You may also change your distance when you pick up your packet at the EXPO. 

Ride Safety and Support

HELMETS ARE MANDATORY! Safety rules and route maps will be available at number and packet pickup. Volunteers will be on hand to answer any questions related to routes, major intersections, and rules of the road. Since none of the courses are closed, all of the New Mexico Bicycle laws will be applicable. Ride Marshals, identifiable by the “Ride Marshal” bibs on the front and backs of their jerseys, will be available for help with minor mechanical problems such as flats. Roving SAG support as well as bicycle mechanics will be available throughout the courses.


All courses, including the Bosque Trail from the entrance at Mountain Avenue to the Alameda Trailhead, will be monitored by Set Medics LLC. Their vehicles are staffed by paramedics and trained professionals who will be responsive to any accidents involving participants or spectators. The start / finish line will be staffed with a paramedic to serve any participant needs as well. Call 911 to report any situations requiring medical attention.

Recharge Zones

Recharge/aid stations will be located approximately every 7-12 miles. Recharge zone volunteers will provide food, water and Gatorade. Portable toilets will be available. Please be courteous to Recharge Zone volunteers – they are there to support you.

Recharge stations along the routes close according to a schedule that will allow cyclists to finish by 5:30 pm. If you are riding at a pace that will NOT allow you to finish by 5:30 pm the recharge stations may closed before you get there. Please be prepared. If you have special dietary restrictions or need additional nutrition please bring your own or plan to stop at a store along the way.

Water and Gatorade are the only beverages served to cyclists. Remember to drink BEFORE you are thirsty. Bring ELECTROLYTE REPLACEMENTS with you to help reduce cramps and muscle spasms.

For safety reasons, cyclists stopping at recharge stations MUST move OFF THE ROAD to avoid oncoming riders and vehicles.

Route / Ride Marshalls

Approximately 20 trained and clearly identified Ride Marshals on bikes will be on the routes. They will help with mechanical problems, minor medical needs and encouragement. If you experience a problem on the route just flag down a Ride Marshal - they are there to help you. However, they are also course marshals and will report rules of the road violations to DOTT officials. Remember cyclists violating the rules of the road will be pulled from the ride. Safety is our first concern.

Event Day Timeline (October 28, 2018)

The start/finish line will be located in front of the west side of the Albuquerque Convention Center. All cyclists will follow the route directions through downtown.  Albuquerque Cyclists are advised to arrive one hour prior to your ride start time so you can find a place to park and get to the start line. You will have received all materials at Expo. All courses start and finish at Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza (3rd Street).

6:45 Event Day registration / packet pickup begins
7:25 Sunrise in Albuquerque, (Average Hi = 68, Average Low = 41 for October 29th)
8:00 Opening Ceremonies
8:15 100 Mile / 80 Mile Cycling Events Start (3rd St. Civic Plaza)
8:45 64 (Metric Century), 50 Mile Cycling Events Start (3rd St. Civic Plaza)
9:15 26 Mile Cycling Event Start (3rd St. Civic Plaza)
9:35 9 Mile / 12 Mile Rail Runner Family Ride Start (3rd St. Civit Plaza)
10:00 Kids K Fun Ride Start (3rd St. Civic Plaza)
10:00 Post Event Celebration begins on Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza (Entertainment, Food, Beverage)
11:00 Beverage Garden Opens
1:00 Official Costume Contest Awards Announced
5:30 Official Closure of all Routes
6:15 Sunset in Albuquerque

Ride Numbers

At Expo/Packet Pickup you will receive a ride number that identifies the specific distance you have registered for. This is not a timed event. Please pin the ride number to the back of your jersey so that you are identified as a ride participant along the course and at all recharge zones. It will also assist us in an emergency situation involving the need to contact the emergency designees that you have provided us at registration. The number will also assist the Costume Committee in selecting the winners in this year’s contest for best costume.


Click here for links to the 2018 routes.

DAY OF THE TREAD courses close at 5:30 pm! All course support, including traffic control and Recharge Stations, will be discontinued at 5:30 pm.

Be prepared at all times to stop for motor traffic along the route!!! Traffic control officials move cyclists through intersections without stopping most of the time, however, you may be stopped to relieve traffic congestion. Please be patient with the police if you are stopped. They do a great service for Day of the Tread cyclists; give them a friendly wave as you pass by! PLEASE OBEY ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT DIRECTIVES AS WELL AS THOSE FROM RIDE MARSHALS AND OTHER EVENT OFFICIALS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.

Route Cautions

Along the route there are sharp turns, bridges, and railroad tracks and though we try to sweep areas prior to the ride, there may be debris on the road. Take nothing for granted - stay alert.

The event utilizes open public roads, which may or may not be maintained by local municipalities, cities, counties, and/or the State. The event is not responsible for the condition and maintenance of the roads. Road hazards are always possible and in entering this event, you must be alert to all road hazards, including but not limited to: pot holes, uneven pavement, road cracks, road debris, unfinished construction, and motor vehicle traffic.

The Day of the Tread is an event for cyclists of all ages, abilities and experience. Many have limited experience riding in packs. Be cautious as you approach other cyclists and make them aware of your presence by calling out “passing.” Touching wheels is the most common reason for crashes.

If you have any questions please seek out a volunteer at the EXPO or on Ride Day at our information booth located at the Start / Finish area on the Plaza.

Disqualifications / Pulled from Ride

Rules were created for safety and fairness for all participants, spectators and the community. We appreciate your cooperation in following all event official rules, directives from event officials including Bike Patrol, and abiding by New Mexico laws. Rules will be enforced. Riders found to be violating any event rules will have their number removed. Violators will not be allowed to register for next year’s event.

Some rule highlights:

  • Do not cross a solid or double yellow line.
  • Properly wear a CPSC-approved helmet.
  • NO aerobars on your bike.
  • ONE earbud is legal, two is not… don’t block out other cyclists and traffic!
  • Human powered vehicles only! No motorized bikes.
  • Ride trailers are welcome.

Help keep Day of the Tread be a safe and fun event for everyone!

Report rule violations to info@dayofthetread. Please include your name, contact info, the violator’s rider number, location and details. We’ll follow up! Thank you for helping us to keep The Day of the Tread safe for all cyclists!

Enjoy the 12th annual DAY OF THE TREAD…Ride Safely. See you at the post event celebration on Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza.