About Pegasus Legal Services for Children

Founded in 2002, Pegasus Legal Services for Children is a private nonprofit organization that helps find positive outcomes for New Mexico’s most vulnerable children and youth. Pegasus prides itself on promoting and defending the legal rights of children in dire situations, serving as a voice for homeless youth and runaways, teen parents, special needs children, and children in abusive or dangerous environments.

Pegasus is recognized for the good work it provides our community:

The State Bar of New Mexico is recognizing Pegasus Legal Services for Children with its 2015 Outstanding Legal Organization Award, which honors outstanding or extraordinary law-related organizations that serve the legal profession and the public.

"By assisting and improving the lives of families and children in New Mexico, grandparents and caregivers, young parents, children in foster care, homeless and runaway youth, parents of children with special education needs, and youth involved in the juvenile justice system through programs, services and legislation, Pegasus has demonstrated that it is an outstanding and extraordinary organization and is most deserving of this special award," the State Bar said in its official letter notifying Pegasus of the award.

In December, Pegasus Legal Services for Children was one of eight organizations recognized by the New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) with its 2015 Chispa Award. The Chispa Award (Chispa means “spark” in Spanish) is an annual award given by NMCF to nonprofits that shine a light in the communities they serve. The Chispa Award comes with an unrestricted grant of $6,000